MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, arrives into the electronic cooling fan market as Gardtec manufacturers fan cords in the USA! Fan cords, daisy chain fan cords, fan power cords, used in the electronics market in a wide variety of applications, including cabinet cooling fan kits, fan tray assemblies, electronic enclosures, cooling fans for electronic cabinets, medial devices, telecommunication, servers systems, automation equipment, etc.. Fan cords in all configurations, have been manufactured in Asia for many years, then imported into the United Sates and used by American manufacturing companies. Today, through continuous production and tooling improvements, coupled with highly efficient American workers, Gardtec is please to announce the return of fan cord production to America. Gardtec now produces the broadest range of fan cords in the market, offering an unlimited range of styles, configuration and lengths. Daisy Chain fan cords can handle up to 10 individual cooling fans on a single fan cord assembly. Most standard fan cords are available directly from stock of over 500,000 pieces of finished inventory. Custom fan cords can be manufactured in 1-2 weeks. This can all be accomplished at price levels that are now often lower than product arriving from China. Daisy chain fan cords, as well as custom fan cords can be offered a quantities as low as 50 pieces, while standard fan cords can be purchased at www.gardteconline.com in quantities of 1 in order to meet our customers usage demands. In addition to fan cords, Gardtec is the Number 1 Brand in fan accessory products in the market. Wire fan guards, including the most popular 120mm fan guard, 80mm fan guard, 92mm fan guard, plastic fan filter assemblies for 40mm through 254mm size fans, fan tray assemblies, plastic finger guards for size from 40162mm, cabinet cooling fan kits and metal filter assemblies to filter EMI/RFI.