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60mm Fan Filter Unit - AFM-60B Aluminum

60mm Fan Filter Unit AFM-60B Aluminum

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60mm fan filters prevent dust buildup on cooling cabinet fans to prevent dust buildup on fan systems. This aluminum and stainless steel mesh fan filter unit from GardTec keeps dust and dirt from overheating electronics by trapping dust in the filter. Cabinet cooling fans become damaged or slow down when dust builds up on the fan bearings and blades, which causes appliances and electronics to overheat. This GardTec aluminum fan filter is 60mm tall and 4.3mm thick. GardTec sells a wide variety of reliable cabinet cooling fan kits and fan accessories at great prices.

Material: Aluminum/ Stainless Steel
Screen: 30 x 30 mesh convoluted
with 3/16″ pitch, 1/8″ deep
Finish:Anodized Black Electrodeposit

Offers efficient filtering of contaminants while shielding from EMI/RFI

Model AFM-60B
Shipping Weight 0.1 lbs

GardTec Inc.


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