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Stop Vibrations

A case fan in contact with the PC housing can cause vibrations during operation. These vibrations can cause distorted noise and sound. By replacing the fan mounting screws with GardTec ultra-soft silicon anti vibration mounts you effectively end fan generated vibrations.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective Fan Noise truly ultra-soft, GardTec anti vibration mounts effectively decouple and absorb unwanted fan vibrations Universal Design designed to fit a vast majority of fans and PC cases (unlike other mounts available)
  • Quick & Easy to fit no case modifications required
  • Cost Effective

Technical Specifications

  • Designed to fit flange style fans, will NOT fit rib style fans
  • Range of Anti Vibration Fan Mounting Holes: 4.25-5mm suitable for fans up to 120x120x38mm
  • Length: 35mm
  • Largest Diameter: 8.0mm
  • Color: Jet Black
  • Material: Ultra-Soft Silicone, Dampening Polymer, Non-Toxic
  • Normal Operating Temperature Range: -20oC to +70oC
  • 10 Units Included
  • Bulk Pack 250/1000
  • Part #: RFM-1
  • Complies with RoHS environment directives

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