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Plastic Fan Guards And Filters

Quality Plastic Fan Guards, Filter Assemblies, and Filter Media

GardTec has a great selection of durable plastic fan guards and fan filters on sale. Our fan guards provide reliable protection for cabinet cooling fans from being damaged by foreign objects or fingers. These sturdy fan guards are made with UL94V-0 plastic and are available for 40mm cooling fans to 162mm cooling fans.

Fan filter media is also available from GardTec to keep dust and dirt from slowing down your cooling fans. These high quality polyurethane foam filter media are available for cabinet cooling fans from 40mm to 160mm.

If you are looking for cooling fan protection from dust and foreign objects, our fan filter assemblies are ideal. These dependable filter assemblies contain a durable fan guard and filter media.

Cabinet cooling fan accessories from GardTec are built to provide the longest lasting protection for your fans. Get the best deals on the best plastic fan guards, fan filter media and filter assemblies here. Our dependable cooling fan accessories are available at bulk prices for even greater savings.

Shop dependable cabinet cooling fan kits from GardTec to keep your important electronics from overheating.

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