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Replacement Fan Power Cords

Power Cords for Cabinet Cooling Fans

GardTec has a great selection of cooling fan power cords for sale now. These high quality power cords are designed to provide long lasting power to your cabinet cooling fan. Keeping your cabinet cooling fan is vitally important for preventing important appliances and electronics from overheating. These heavy duty power cords for cooling fans are from 36 inches to 72 inches in length.

We also have a great selection of cooling fan cords in T-style 90 degree, 45 degree and straight styles. GardTec also offers custom cooling fan cords to suit your home cabinet cooling needs. If you are looking for cooling fan power cords to save you money on cooling costs, our green cooling fan cords are ideal. The green cooling fan cords include a built in thermostat, which turns the power on and off at desired temperatures. Purchase any of our high quality fan power cords for cabinet cooling fans in bulk to receive even greater deals.

Shop quality cabinet cooling fan kits from GardTec for a fan filter assembly or wire fan guard, cooling fan, and power cord all in one.

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