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Cooling Fan Cords, Green

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Cooling Fan Cords with Built-in Thermostat

Green cooling fan power cords from GardTec provide the same durability and power for cabinet cooling fans as the other models. The durable green power cords for cabinet cooling fans have a built in thermostat to save money on cooling costs and keep the cooling fan longer lasting. When the temperature reaches 88 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling fan is powered up to prevent the electronics from overheating. Once the temperature falls below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling fan is powered off again.

All of our cabinet cooling fan power cords are well built to last long. We have 95 degree and 45 degree cooling fan power cords available. Browse our selection of high quality power cords below and select the ideal cord for your home cabinet cooling needs.
Shop 120v cabinet cooling fan kits with thermostats from GardTec for our energy efficient home cabinet cooling systems.

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