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Euro Fan Guards, Wire

European Wire Fan Guards
GardTec has a wide selection of heavy duty wire fan guards for sale. Our wire fan guards are built to withstand wear and tear from everyday use, providing years of protection to your cabinet cooling fan. Preventing foreign objects and fingers from getting into and breaking the cooling fan is important to keeping your electronics from overheating. We offer 25mm to 254mm wire fan guards to fit your home cabinet cooling needs.
We are proud to now offer European wire fan guards. We have 150mm to 295mm European wire fan guards for cabinet cooling fans. These European wire fan guards are built with the same durability as our other models and provide the same great protection for cabinet cooling fans. Wire fan guards from GardTec are available in bulk for even better prices.
Shop all dependable wire fan guards from GardTec to protect your cooling fans from being damaged by foreign objects.

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