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Cooling Fan Cord, 45 Degree Electrical Wall Plug GHP75-24P 24″

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This 45 degree angle green cooling fan cord keeps your cabinet cooling fan running to prevent electronics from overheating. Our green fan cords have a built in thermostat to control when the fan turns on and off. When the temperature reaches 88 degrees Fahrenheit, the fan cord turns on the AC fan. As soon as the temperature falls below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the cabinet cooling fan powers down. This cooling fan cord saves energy and lasts longer, because it automatically turns on or off when required. The cooling fan cord is 24 inches in length. Purchase high quality fan cords in bulk from GardTec to get discounted prices.

Part Number:
GHP75-24P (45° Plug)
Wire: SPT1 105°C, 300 volts, Green
Length: 24″
Designed to turn AC fan on as ambient temperature approaches 88°F (-3/+5), turns off fan as ambient temperature moves below 80°F, cycle life 6,000.
UL applied for

Model GHP75-24P
Shipping Weight 0.12 lbs

GardTec Inc.


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